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unlocks Pro access to Cielo and UniWhales DAO membership.


unlocks w shebang including exclusive channels and dashboards.

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DAO community membership
Cielo Finance: Onchain Activity Feed + Wallet Tracker
Access Cielo app with 2 bots ‎️
Search our powerful wallet explorer to find new wallets to track
NFT Collection + Wallet Discovery
10 curated lists for powerful tx tracking
Up to 10 $TOKENS


Everything in Pro plus additional channels and up to 10,000 wallets on EVM, and 100 on Solana
6 separate Cielo bots 🔥
Up to 20 curated lists
Up to 30 $TOKENS
Power Brokers: follow top funds and influencers

Telegram Channels

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The heart and soul of UniWhales - our community discussion with some of the brightest and creative minds of DeFiJoin

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Find where the whales are providing liquidity: alerts of any Uniswap liquidity adds/removes of $250,000 USD minimum.

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Track the Ethereum activity of the top traders and influencers in DeFi. A curated list of addresses and identities maintained by a crypto researcher. Now with 24h / 7d real time reporting.

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  1. Click on any of the Telegram links above to start the process
  2. Click on “Connect” in the Telegram bot, which is titled Collab.Land
  3. This will prompt you to connect a wallet to verify the amount of tokens. Currently, four wallet types are supported. We recommend MetaMask because for the Web App it is the only wallet that we currently support.
  4. Once verified you’ll see a “Join Group” link in the Collab.Land Telegram bot.


Does UniWhales store Telegram ID / Ethereum Address connections of premium members?

No, UniWhales team does not store or have access to this information. We use a 3rd party integration called Collab.Land bot, which is built by the team. Abridged is connected with many of the top Ethereum communities. For example they were hired to audit and improve the MakerDAO governance process to identify pain points and integrate DAO Ops systems. Read more about their work at


If you have joined a previous bot before, you may need to clear your Telegram chat history. You’ll need to repeat the process for every additional channel you would like to join. In step 1, you may need to click on the “Start” button at the bottom of the Collab.Land Telegram bot to start the additional subscription processes.

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